Tennis Siechnice - Wrocław - Krzyki - Leśnica - Stadion olimpijski

PROTENIS Tennis Academy - Tennis lessons for kids, youths and adults in Wroclaw. Tennis camps for kids and youths.
Wroclaw (Krzyki, Klecina, Lesnica, Pilczyce, Kozanow, Grabiszyn, Gaj, Srodmiescie), Siechnice & Bielany Wrocławskie.
  1. The organizer of all classes in PROTENIS is a Protenis Co.
  2. All participants are obligated to adhere PROTENIS’s rules as well as the rules of the sports facilities where classes will take place and principles of tennis and sport ethics.
  3. Classes take place on tennis facilities among the country therefor participating in the classes means accepting rules of all tennis facilities .
  4. During classes all participants are obligated to obtain sport clothing as well as sport shoes strictly adapted to the tennis court surface where the classes take place.
  5. Duration of one class is 60 minutes (which includes: preparation, warm up, training and activites after the training related to the tennis court rules).
  6. PROTENIS- Professional Tennis Academy – provides tennis rockets, balls and all the equipment necessary to  implement tennis classes.
  7. Tennis court fee is an extra cost, paid by the persons who take place in the training organized by PROTENIS. Cost of the court and method of the payment depends on the tennis facility where the training takes place.
  8. Payment of the individual classes should take place after the training is being completed. Price of each class is charged based on the current price list.
  9. Payment of group classes should take place till the 5th day of the month when classes will take place. Payment methods accepted by the Academy are: cash – paid directly to the coach or bank transfer on the PROTENIS’s bank account.
  10. In case of the class cancelation made by a couch or as a result of unpredicted events, payment of the classes will be returned to the participant or transferd to the next month depending on what will be decided by the both parties.
  11. In case of not informing the Academy or the couch about participant’s absence during classes he or she will be charged with the full cost of the class.
  12. Participants of the individual classes are obligated to inform the Academy or the coach about their absence by SMS or e-mail with at least 24hs notice. In this case the participant will not be charged with the coach’es fee nevertheless the tennis court fee will not be canceled.
  13. In case of a sickness or unpredicted event participants of group classes will be charged normally, but will be able to participate in an extra class with another group once arranged with an Academy or the coach.
  14. During the bank holidays classes do not take place.
  15. For safety reasons minors arrive and leave classes under the care of parents or legal age guardians.
  16. All the participants of the classes agree to appear on PROTENIS’s photos published on PROTENIS’s website as well as on the Academy’s flyers, posters etc.
  17. PROTENIS will not be responsible for all the partcipants’ personal objects left on the tennis facilities such as tennis courts or cloak rooms.
  18. Participation in PROTENIS’s classes is equivalent to an acceptance of present RULES.
  19. PROTENIS reserves the right to changed present RULES.

Present rules stand as from the 1st of September 2011.